Word of the Year




Word of the YearEarlier in the year, I joined a group led by Nikki Elledge Brown, the Communication Stylist, and in it she talked about adopting a word for the year. This one word will guide you, transform you, challenge you and inspire you. I chose short phrases because this was where I was at the time. My two phrases were Use me and Let go.  I decided that I wanted God to use me to help build His kingdom on Earth and at the same time I knew I needed to let go of anything or anyone that no longer served my purpose in life. There’s a song I like and sit goes a little something like this… “Lord, whatever you’re doing in this season please don’t do it without me”. And this was indeed what I wanted. I wanted God to use my pain for purpose and He answered through my blog. I wanted to be transformed into the woman that He created me to be and letting go of things that were out of line with His will for my life is what I had to do. I wanted to be someone He could trust to lead others to Him and to get others to believe the impossible through Him. This didn’t  come without struggle, but when problems arose, I always remembered the phrases I’d chosen to guide my year.

This year my word is commit. I am committed to my purpose, my goals, and my God. I am committed to forming good habits and building great relationships. I am committed to moving forward, and becoming the best version of me: mind, body and spirit. I am so excited about year 2 of my blog and I have something great in store for 2015. I am so grateful that God is using me.

So, what is your word of the year? I’d love to hear from you.

Stay Charmed,


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year


Happiest. Healthiest. New Year!

Thank you all for being a part of my first year in blogging. I am so grateful for each of you. 2014 was my year of transformation and I have enjoyed every bit of it. I pray that you have taken the time to reflect on what was and excited about what is to come. Happy 2015!

I’ll leave you with this scripture. But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. 1 Corinthians: 2.9

Stay Charmed!


Merry Christmas

Merry ChristmasIt IS the most wonderful time of the year! I am spending this Christmas in California with my west coast family (West Siiiiide). Today is Christmas Eve and I still have a little bit of shopping to do (don’t judge), but I am so grateful that I was always taught the real reason for the season. Sure, presents are nice, but salvation is better.

One of the things I love is that, contrary to popular belief, the Bible is still relevant today and can be applied to our everyday living. Jesus’ birth is no different.

Jesus didn’t need salvation, but He sacrificed who He was for what He wanted to become…the Savior for all mankind. He gave up something so that you and I could have life and life more abundantly. How many of us are not willing to sacrifice today so that we can have a better tomorrow?

Jesus was obedient to the calling God gave Him in life. He could have argued that He was already sin-free and cool sitting on the throne. I’m good, Father! No, seriously, I don ‘t know in what form Jesus existed before coming to this earth, but I know He existed and came down from Heaven (John 6:38) and not with His own agenda, but that of His Father. Are you willing to do the same? Are you obedient to the calling God gave you? Do the words, “not my will, but Yours, Lord”, come  from your lips and often?

We needed Jesus to come in the form of a babe, born of a virgin, on His way to save the world. We don’t need another Savior, that has been fulfilled. But we do need the gifts, talents, and skills God has given specifically to you.

Merry Christmas and Stay Charmed,


December Progression Challenge!


Good afternoon,

It’s not too late to join us for the December progression challenge. I created this as an opportunity for me to get better at exercises I like the least. There are others, but I am not setup to do pull-ups at home, but maybe you are. So, if you want to make a few changes by all means do so. But at the least I hope you will join me in some December holiday fun. You can do iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!! And let me know how you are progressing along.

Stay Charmed,