Merry Christmas

Merry ChristmasIt IS the most wonderful time of the year! I am spending this Christmas in California with my west coast family (West Siiiiide). Today is Christmas Eve and I still have a little bit of shopping to do (don’t judge), but I am so grateful that I was always taught the real reason for the season. Sure, presents are nice, but salvation is better.

One of the things I love is that, contrary to popular belief, the Bible is still relevant today and can be applied to our everyday living. Jesus’ birth is no different.

Jesus didn’t need salvation, but He sacrificed who He was for what He wanted to become…the Savior for all mankind. He gave up something so that you and I could have life and life more abundantly. How many of us are not willing to sacrifice today so that we can have a better tomorrow?

Jesus was obedient to the calling God gave Him in life. He could have argued that He was already sin-free and cool sitting on the throne. I’m good, Father! No, seriously, I don ‘t know in what form Jesus existed before coming to this earth, but I know He existed and came down from Heaven (John 6:38) and not with His own agenda, but that of His Father. Are you willing to do the same? Are you obedient to the calling God gave you? Do the words, “not my will, but Yours, Lord”, come  from your lips and often?

We needed Jesus to come in the form of a babe, born of a virgin, on His way to save the world. We don’t need another Savior, that has been fulfilled. But we do need the gifts, talents, and skills God has given specifically to you.

Merry Christmas and Stay Charmed,


December Progression Challenge!


Good afternoon,

It’s not too late to join us for the December progression challenge. I created this as an opportunity for me to get better at exercises I like the least. There are others, but I am not setup to do pull-ups at home, but maybe you are. So, if you want to make a few changes by all means do so. But at the least I hope you will join me in some December holiday fun. You can do iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!! And let me know how you are progressing along.

Stay Charmed,



Before leaving my place this morning, I decided that I would list 10 things I’m grateful for from this day alone.

1. Morning workout at AMP fitness. I am so fortunate to be surrounded by so many who are committed to making lifestyle changes. We feed off each other’s energy and it is so amazing.

2. Easy recipes. Our admin, Debbie, told me about Paula Deen’s corn casserole and printed the recipe for me. I made two. One for my family gathering and one to take to my friend, Athena’s. Boy were they super easy to make and super tasty.

3. Friends. I’ve had Thursday dinner with the Walkers for a few weeks now and today was no different. I love my girls and catching up with their families.

4. Family. I made it to my Aunt Debby’s and shared many laughs, FaceTime with our peeps over in Cali and watched some football. I even attempted to help my little cousin, Eli with a Lego creation. I was doing so well at first.

5. Technology. My Mom and Papa are in California spending Thanksgiving with my sister, Stacey, Courtney and Cooper. My Uncle Binky and his wife, Aunt Debbie also drove in from Tracy. We were able to peek into their evening via FaceTime and my uncles talked about the Cowboys’ loss. Boo.

6. Pictures. I love being able to capture moments. I’ve captured some awesome pics with some amazing kiddos and I’ve been sent pictures of my family across the way spending some time at the beach. And duh, a family selfie!

7. A Horned Frog VICTORY. Go Frogs!

8. Helping my sister, Tycie, with online purchases. She can do it herself, but I think she just likes asking me to do it.

9. To go plates. I’m moving over the weekend and this will keep me from having to go out to find food. Yummy!

10. God and an intimate relationship with Him. I’ve had many opportunities today alone to just say, “thank you, Lord!” My life is far from perfect, but I serve a God that is.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Stay Charmed,









Top takeaways from my weekend.

This past weekend I attended Pursuit, an AdvoCare lady’s event, and Lakewood Church, home of Pastor Joel Osteen. If you don’t know by now, I am a professional note taker, and that works in your favor. Here are a few of my takeaways from the weekend. Take what you need, and put the rest in your back pocket for later.

1. Be ready. How often do we pray for something, but are not quite ready to receive the answer? Be ready so when an opportunity comes you’re prepared and don’t have to get ready. 

2. Be intentional. This has been my motto for 2014. In relationships, in conversation, in setting goals; be intentional. Don’t just fly by the seat of your pants, but if you do have a reason for doing so. 

3. KNOW YOUR WHY? Days will be long and even hard so, if you do not know why you’ve committed to your goal, you may not continue the race. Live and breath your why. 

4. As a leader, the greatest  gift is the development of self. Who will you become in pursuit of what you want? 

5. Often times, we attend these great, big meetings and while sitting in that chair we’re motivated and inspired. Don’t forget that feeling when you walk out of the door. Take hold to it.

6. Either you feed your faith & excitement or you’ll battle with doubt and fear. You have options. Which will you choose? 

7. Love people where they are. This is personal to me. I get so excited about things and people just don’t seem to mirror my joy for what I’ve found. That’s okay. Love them where they are. And this is true for everything. I want to see people live their best life. Someone wanted to see me live mine, but loved me where I was until I was ready. 

8. Yes or no, it’s not about you. When I got my first no in AdvoCare, I didn’t take it personal. In fact, that very same day I got more yes’. Rejection is not about you. It’s about that person and what they want for themselves. 

9. Don’t answer questions to which you don’t have an answer. What! How often I see this in Corporate America? Everyone wants to know it all. I accept that I don’t, but here’s what I do know, I’ll get that answer to you after asking someone that does know. 

10. Be willing to step outside of your comfort zone so that others can have their breakthrough. I love to say, “your “been through” could be someone’s breakthrough”. Share your story and share it from the heart. It could very well be what someone needs to hear to move them from where they are to where they want to be. 

11. God is BIGGER than the facts. He is not limited by nature, finances, or even science. Nope, He is bigger than all of that. 

12. If God put a dream in your heart, He will bring it to fruition. Do your part because you can “take to the bank” that He will do His. 

13. When you put God first, He will take care of you. ‘Nuff said. 

14. When things don’t go your way, move forward anyway. This is why knowing your “why” is so important. Because it’s not a matter of “if” things don’t go your way, it’s “when”. When it happens, dust yourself off, and keep moving in the forward direction. 

15. Forget all of the reasons it won’t work, and run with the reason it would. Time out for excuses. When I live in my “excuse box” I end up with a lot of regrets and “what ifs”. Get up and do it and then you’ll know exactly “what”.

This is an abbreviated version of what I learned or was reminded of over the weekend. I also did some 2015 planning and relaxed a wee bit. I urge you to follow your dreams, dare to be different, and above all put God first.

Let me know what you think. Add to this list and share your takeaways with me.

Stay Charmed,


photoThere are moments in my walk with God that I feel I am not “hearing” from Him. I struggle with bouts of doubt. I see Him moving all around me. I get confused about certain situations; not quite sure which direction to go. Or even what lesson is being presented for my learning. There are days when I expect God to do something BIG on my behalf, but by day’s end wind up feeling a little bit disappointed. It’s in these moments, when clarity is elusive, that doing “nothing” is in my best interest. In moments like this, the only thing I know to do is to be STILL, remain OBEDIENT to His Word and to TRUST in His Word even if it seems in vain. When you have no clue what He’s working on, remain confident in the fact that His Word guarantees that whatever it is is for your good. When you’re unsure of the lesson, rest assured that the works He has started in you will not be left undone. He is not a man that He should lie. So even though you don’t “hear” Him speaking directly into your situation, stand on His Word. Stand in His promises. Be at peace being still.

Stay Charmed,


Why wait until the New Year to be healthier and happier?


Your BEST you starts NOW!

There is no time like the present.

Why wait until the New Year to become your best you! What better time to make healthy, lifestyle changes than today? This will be my third time to do AdvoCare’s 24 Day Challenge and the 3rd time’s a charm because I get to share this with you. In 2012, I was fortunate to start a career which allowed me to travel. However, with travel came a lot of eating out and long hours in the office. I didn’t make the best food choices and most days I was too exhausted to hit the gym. Needless to say, I gained weight and blaming the dryer for shrinking my clothes got really old. I grew tired of making excuses. I was first introduced to Advocare in 2012 when I did my first 24 Day Challenge. Although I had great results, I wasn’t committed to the lifestyle change after the 24 days. I struggled to commit to creating better eating habits, consistently using my AdvoCare products and working out. Fast forward to today, I am committed to all 3 and I’ve lost a total of 20 lbs. A few weekends ago, Spark + I RAN a 5K for the first time. That was a big accomplishment for me and AdvoCare helped me do that. But that’s just my story. For more amazing AdvoCare stories, check this out!

Before we get started I want you to become a little more knowledgeable about AdvoCare and the 24 Day Challenge. Sit back and enjoy this video. Now, if you are interested in joining me and some friends starting October 6,  2014 sign up for more information here.

Stay Charmed,


My bio-father was not present, but my Heavenly Father had a greater plan.

Happy Father's DayI grew up without a father. He walked out of my life when I was in the 5th grade, and even before then he was hardly present. When I was about a senior in college, my Sorority  members and I served at the Salvation Army. When I served this one particular man, I felt something. We made eye contact, but said nothing. He moved down the line, and asked one of my Sorors where we were from. She replied, TCU. He then asked if she knew a Tamara Taylor. She said nothing. And I said, I’m Tamara Taylor, and at that moment I knew exactly who he was. We talked and he told me how he’d kept up with me through some of my cousins and the newspaper. He’d seen my debutante picture in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and apparently, so did some inmate, but that’s a different story. A few years went by before I saw or spoke to him again.

Although, I did not have my biological father around, my Heavenly Father was always looking out for me. My dad is now 11-12 years clean. He just told me that he started drinking heavily in the 6th grade. He also became addicted to drugs. What would my life have been like had he been around? Who knows other than God. It would have been nice having a father, but God gave me the most awesomest Papa and Uncles who have always believed in me and told me how beautiful I be. I didn’t know it was not the same until I heard my father say it for the first time.

I’m grateful for the life I have. God knew exactly what he was doing even when I didn’t understand. I have no idea what God protected me and even my Mom, and siblings from. He is so awesome that way. So, when you don’t understand why someone walks out of your life, trust God as hard as it might be. He knows best.

I don’t have a picture with my dad, but I spoke with him this morning and here are a few nuggets from the conversation. “You can’t make in this world by yourself. Sometimes God has you going in a different direction to get you where you want to be. God’s got you. One of God’s greatest gifts is love.”

Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers out there.

Stay Charmed,


Something good for something GREATER II!


(Picture courtesy of Facebook feed)

This illustration has been floating around Facebook and every time I see it I can think of a time when I was holding on to something or someone so tight that I did not want to let go. The longer we hold on to what we want, we risk the chances of missing out on  the “bigger” that God has for us. I realize part of not letting go is the fear of the unknown. We want to know exactly what we are getting in return. We even hold on to things we know are not in our best interests because that’s better than nothing, right. WRONG. I personally suffered from keeping the wrong people in my life. It’s hard to let go of the people you want to stay. You begin to justify the relationship. I knew a woman who was so negative…to the point that after talking to her, I was mentally drained. After years of the same thing, I finally had to get to a point where I had to let go. I tried so hard to just get her to “get it”, but she was in a position that she would not. By the same token, I have also been the negative person that someone had to let go of.

There is the uncertainty of what comes next, who comes next. I’ve stayed in toxic relationships; defending them with the “this could be our testimony”. There was a testimony in it, but a much different one than I’d planned. I have dreams and aspirations of my own, but God could, at any moment, move me in a different direction. It’s imperative that we are in tune with His voice so we will know when to hold on and when to let go. He desires to take us to the next level, but He can’t if we get too comfortable where we are. We also have to understand that we the things, plans, or people God is moving us away from are not always bad for us, but that He has a greater plan for us.

So TODAY, let go of the need to always be right. Let go of always wanting things to go exactly as you want them. Let go of the need to do things “at just the right” time. Letting go of the need to have it ALL figured out.  Let go of the person who always tears you down. Don’t extend the length of the season God is moving you out of.  Let go so you don’t miss opportunities as they are presented. Let go so you can recognize the person God has intended for you…never be so afraid to let go of something good for something greater.

Stay Charmed,


It’s not about YOU!

It's Not About YouM is for mindful. Mindful that this life is not about me. What God has for me is for me, but not just for me. I am to use the gifts, talents, and abilities He has granted to me to build His Kingdom. But it’s up to me to use them for His glory. If not, He will get someone who will. It’s that simple.

I posted earlier in the year that I wanted to be used by God, and well, that prayer is growing stronger every day. Whatever God is doing, in this season, to build HIS Kingdom, I want to be a part of it. So, when things don’t seem to be going my way, I have to remind myself that it’s bigger than me.

Stay Charmed,