Before leaving my place this morning, I decided that I would list 10 things I’m grateful for from this day alone.

1. Morning workout at AMP fitness. I am so fortunate to be surrounded by so many who are committed to making lifestyle changes. We feed off each other’s energy and it is so amazing.

2. Easy recipes. Our admin, Debbie, told me about Paula Deen’s corn casserole and printed the recipe for me. I made two. One for my family gathering and one to take to my friend, Athena’s. Boy were they super easy to make and super tasty.

3. Friends. I’ve had Thursday dinner with the Walkers for a few weeks now and today was no different. I love my girls and catching up with their families.

4. Family. I made it to my Aunt Debby’s and shared many laughs, FaceTime with our peeps over in Cali and watched some football. I even attempted to help my little cousin, Eli with a Lego creation. I was doing so well at first.

5. Technology. My Mom and Papa are in California spending Thanksgiving with my sister, Stacey, Courtney and Cooper. My Uncle Binky and his wife, Aunt Debbie also drove in from Tracy. We were able to peek into their evening via FaceTime and my uncles talked about the Cowboys’ loss. Boo.

6. Pictures. I love being able to capture moments. I’ve captured some awesome pics with some amazing kiddos and I’ve been sent pictures of my family across the way spending some time at the beach. And duh, a family selfie!

7. A Horned Frog VICTORY. Go Frogs!

8. Helping my sister, Tycie, with online purchases. She can do it herself, but I think she just likes asking me to do it.

9. To go plates. I’m moving over the weekend and this will keep me from having to go out to find food. Yummy!

10. God and an intimate relationship with Him. I’ve had many opportunities today alone to just say, “thank you, Lord!” My life is far from perfect, but I serve a God that is.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Stay Charmed,