Be grateful!

IMG_5284Today has been a long, super busy, but truly wonderful day. I woke super early, read, went to 7am Warrior Boot Camp, went to dance rehearsal, church, Coop Coop’s 2nd bday party, and finally, I am home. I had someone tell me that not everyone’s life is as perfect as mine. Ha. One thing I stressed to her is that although my life is NOT perfect, I serve a God that is. You may not hear me complaining about what I don’t have, how things don’t go my way, or not being where I want to be, but you will often hear me  talk about the people that make me smile, the blessings God has bestowed upon me, and how excited I am about things to come.

Let me remind you today to be grateful. I don’t write these posts as an expert or someone who has it all together, but only because I have before or am experiencing some of the things I write about. My experiences are not always unique to me despite the fact that at times I think they are. Someone else could need the very thing I write about. So if this is for you, be grateful for what you do have. Be grateful for the doors that have been closed to protect you. Be grateful for the people that make you smile as big as these two people above make me. Tomorrow is not promised, but at this moment, in this instant, be grateful. 

Stay Charmed,


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