God says…you are NOT your past.

In today’s ‘God Says’  I wanted to remind myself and others that we are not our past. We all make mistakes, miss opportunities, take others for granted, slack in areas that require full on dedication, and the list continues. At some point in our lives we fail, but thank God that he never does. Let’s also thank God for not having to be defined by our past. There are some who will never let you move forward and will always see you as the person you once were, but I challenge you to shut down their words and keep pressing forward.

You are not your past! Start better habits today. Show love today. Be gracious with your words today. Start living your dreams today. Let go today. Release all regrets today. There is nothing you can do about what was done just 10 minutes ago, but you can make better decisions starting now. I was fortunate enough to see today, and God does not intend for me to focus on something I did in my past, but that I do great things with the precious gift of life he has given me TODAY.

You, my dear, are NOT your past! Start being great today!

Stay Charmed,


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