It’s use me, Lord, 2014!

Tamara Charmaine Taylor

pick-me-signs2 Are you hiding behind your awesomeness? Afraid of what others might think? Well, it’s time to step into the greatness God has purposed for your life. Don’t waste another second ashamed of your shine. God is a big God and has big plans for you and I. Live everyday on purpose. We are all here not to just pass the time, but to please God in all we do. I want all God has for me, my family, and my friends in 2014. He has called all of us for something bigger than ourselves.

So, stop hiding behind your shyness, “lack” of talents, fear of public speaking, etc. If God called you to do it, He will provide all of the tools you need to succeed. My prayer for me and you is to be all God has purposed us to be. Whatever God has up His sleeves, I want…

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