Who’s up for a challenge?

52 week challenge

So, my sister, Stacey, sent a text message asking, “who’s up for a challenge?” And of course, we all responded with “I’m in”.  I’ve now seen the chart floating around on various social media, blogs, websites, etc. Saying yes was the easy part; the real challenge starts Monday when we have to make our first deposit. The tougher challenge may come throughout the year as the amounts grow higher, relatively, the hustle and bustle of everyday living, and the costs of everything else we have going on, etc. But don’t be discouraged. Start now. Deposit more when able, but don’t give up. $1,378 may not be a lot, but the timing would be perfect for Christmas shopping, paying down some debt, or taking that holiday getaway.  Or if you’re like me, the money could go towards dues for every organization you’re involved in.

So, who’s with us? The way it works is to save $1 per week, and increase in $1 increments per week. If you feel working your way backwards will be better for you, go for it. Happy Saving! If you’re feeling brave, check out the 52-week challenge on steroids. I found this on the ‘goldieandoshow’ blog (for the chart click on the link below).

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