2014: What’s your vision?

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Last year, a few friends and I got together to create our very first Vision Boards. I’d recently seen a fellow TCU alum, Marshawn Evans, on Good Morning Texas, talking about them and what they mean. In the video, (link posted below), Marshawn mentioned that a vision board begs the question, what do you want to become? So my friends and I got together and ventured into creating our own boards. As I look back on my 2013 Vision Board, I can see where I missed the mark, and also, where I accomplished some parts of my vision. In 2014, I decided to go bold. Very bold. In itself, a vision or two many be out of my control, but I added it because I have to be open to it. For example, love. If you want it, be open and available for the right kind of love.  But other things like, be amazing, well, in the words of Beyonce, “I woke up like dis”, and yet, at times we forget just how amazing we really are.  So add it and lots of other self-esteem boosters to remind you that you were created to be awesome. 

So get some friends together, gather up some old magazines, and get to vision boarding! It’s really quite fun and a great time to fellowship with your peeps and have some good laughs. Besides, your friends can hold you accountable throughout the course of the year. Once complete, keep the board where you can see it and be reminded of what you want to become in 2014.

And if you’re feeling brave, do share on my Facebook page, charmainecharming.  You never know who you might inspire. Special shoutout to Stacy, Amaya, Rose, and Melissa for letting me share their 2014 vision boards with you.

Start 2013 off on the right foot by making a Vision Board

Below is an article from oprah.com for further assistance.

How to make a Vision Board

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