Something good for something GREATER.

IMG_3742As a new year rapidly approaches, what things, habits, even people do you need to leave in 2013? Trust me, I dare not claim to be an expert on letting go. It is not an easy feat. To some it means someone doesn’t think enough of them to keep them around. Let’s stay here for a minute.

I’ve been reading a great book titled, ‘Sun Stand Still‘. Recently, I read where the author writes regarding a certain character in the book, “Now he realizes that when God removes something from our lives, it’s not because he’s trying to take away something good. It’s because he’s trying to make room for something better”. He also writes, “When God takes something or someone out of your life, he’s just clearing space on your hard drive for an upgrade”. The hard part about this is determining who needs the upgrade? You or the other person? I suppose both. Don’t get me wrong some people are toxic and it’s a no brainer, but some relationships have a season and a reason, and hopefully a learned lesson. Don’t miss the lesson.

Moving forward. What are some other things that need to be removed in the new year? Some bad habits such as, biting your nails, picking your lips (a family fave), spending too much money, creating too much debt, eating way too many carbs…or what if you feel the need to let go of a dream, a goal?

I will share something very personal. I have struggled with trusting God’s plan for my  life. I like to be in control of things. But let me assure you, whatever it is you are being called to let go of, rip off the band-aid, drop it, do whatever you have to do to rid yourself of it and keep it moving. Don’t keep going back hoping to get further with it this time around. Or as my best friend Robyn says, “stop looking into the rearview mirror of life”. Keep the door closed. You’d be surprised how fast you will be able to get over someone, save more money with each disciplined step, or be in tune with what God has really planned for your life. Letting go opens doors to new opportunities, as well as some new challenges, but oh, how exciting it will be. Let it go!

Stay Charmed,


2 thoughts on “Something good for something GREATER.

  1. Savannah Dubois says:

    Folks have a hard time accepting that they might be the toxicity in another person’s life. Not that we’re bad people but that we’re not good for the other person. Even if we have great things to offer him/her, the person has if have the capacity for us in their lives. After all, even though we need water as it makes up more than half of our bodies, too much water can kill us. Likewise, too much of our good thing to a person who isn’t thirsty for us is toxic to him/her. In order words, be willing to quench someone else’s thirst next year! 😉

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