21 days of Fasting: Daniel’s Fast

daniel2Every year my church starts the new year with a Daniel’s Fast which entails eating ONLY fruits and veggies for 21 days. Fasting lets my fleshly man know that it is not in control. The man we feed the most, rules.  Who’s with me? Maybe not the full fast, but maybe you can give up TV for 21 days, or Facebook, or something else you don’t think you can live without.

Fasting is personal. It draws you closer to God, and is a way to let Him know that you are serious about some things that you may need, want, desire of Him. It’s not about material things, but it’s more about giving Him the first of your year, giving Him more of your time, and becoming more intimate with Him. What you don’t want to do while fasting can be found in Matthew 6:16-18. It’s not about looking deprived or sickly. It’s an honor to fast!

One of my favorite stories on fasting can be found in Esther 4:13-16.

You don’t have to let me or anyone else know when you begin your fast, as it is between you and God. This post is merely to encourage anyone who believes they have been called to fast, and needs a little push.

Stay Charmed,


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