Because I’m happpyyyyy!

Coach Will, my boot camp trainer, often times gives inspirational speeches after training sessions. Last night, he asked if when we look in the mirror, do we love what we see? Of course, an email and Facebook posts to the group soon followed. Within the email is an assignment and today’s assignment is to write down 5 things that make us happy and 5 things we love about ourselves. Some circumstances in life can cause even the happiest person to doubt themselves. I decided to do the assignment and share it with you guys. Here goes:

5 things that make me happy: 1. Being blessed to see a new day which means another opportunity to be great and audacious;  2. Being able to freely read my Bible and say my prayers; 3. My family and friends who are my biggest supporters, and love me unconditionally; 4. My career and team members; 5. My blog. It allows me to be transparent. I keep several journals and notebooks (love taking notes, jotting things down etc) , but sharing allows someone to read this who might be going through something similar, needs a word of encouragement, a good laugh, or whatever the case.

5 things I love about myself: 1. My smile; 2. My laugh; 3. My hair; 4. My pug nose as my Granny used to call it, and 5. My love for giving back.

Fortunately, I could go on and on, but I need to get ready for work. You know, we never know where God is leading us. I’ve chosen to be happy because it really is a choice. Some things and people come at the right moment. When circumstances arise, it’s assignments like this that force us to look at things with perspective. I have so much to be happy about and grateful for. Thanks Coach!

Choose to be happy!! Need a push? Check out Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ video!!! It’s the happiest!

Stay Charmed,


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