God’s got this!

As I am on my hop, skip, and a jump of a flight over to New Orleans, I am reminded that God’s got this. Yesterday at church, before giving the sermon, my Uncle Pastor asked us to get out of our seats, go to someone, hug their necks, and tell them that “God’s got this”. So, as I sit on my plane, mid-sleep, we hit some turbulence. My normal reaction is to open the window just to be sure we’re flying through clouds, but not this time. Nope, I opened my eyes, grabbed my iPad and started writing this post. God’s got this, Tam.

I am very selfish when it comes to God at times. I tend to think He does things just for me. Like a Facebook post a friend posted on yesterday. She confessed to praying about something, not fully turning it over to God which in turn caused her to take action outside of God’s plan. Guilty as charged, your Honor. This time I did not open my window. After all, I did ask Him to be the pilot, and to get me to my destination in safety, without incident. Did I not? What if there is no cloud, then what? This holds true for every prayer. I don’t have to ask God only to turn around and try to figure it out myself or check on God to see if He needs any help. He does not need me to check His work. So whatever the “this” is in your life just know that all is under control. All things are working out for your good, but you’ve got to trust that God’s got it. He’s got it and it’s all good!!

-Stay Charmed


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