2015 Bold 1st Quarter Goal Reading List

Okay. Yes, I know it’s already January 27th, but I am going to make a bold attempt to read these 5 books by 1st quarter close.  Who is with me? It may not be these books, but I challenge you all to read at least 5. I’ll go through my list and I will admit I have already started the first book. Cheater!!!!

1.  A Return to Love.  I saw this book on 7 Books Oprah Couldn’t Live Without and while on a business trip in Baltimore I picked it up. I started reading it a few days ago and mostly because I have adopted the word love for 2015. It’s not the one word I chose for the year, but I want to show more of it this year.

2. Sensible Shoes came highly recommended by a lady that sat next to me on a flight from Los Angeles. I had a layover in the beautiful Vail, Colorado and Shelli and her husband sat next to me. She was super sweet and also recommended a Beth Moore Bible Study.

3. The Big Leap. This book has been recommended by several of my virtual mentors. One in particular is Nikki Elledge Brown. This year I have to decided to take more leaps so why wait until later to read?!

These last 2 books I honestly cannot recall who recommended them, but I have them written down on my list. If you have read either, please do share your thoughts.

4. As a Man Thinketh. The Bible tells us as a man thinketh so is he. I imagine this book is along those lines. Or I could be totally WRONG.

5. Now Discover Your Strength. This year I am focusing on my strengths. I’ve already spent enough time focusing on my weaknesses and flaws so why not spend some time focusing on what I am good at.

Next week, I would like to share the 5 books that helped transform my 2014. Until then…

Stay Charmed,





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