Girl, WHY?

How many times have we asked or been asked this question between friends? Or, perhaps we wanted to ask the question but didn’t want to sound judgmental.

Girl, Why? is a nonjudgmental place for women to hear from other women with very similar stories. The one person we rarely ask this of is the one we see in the mirror, daily. It’s this question that needs to be asked when we are overwhelming ourselves with organizations and projects. It’s this question that needs to be asked when we are talking down about our sister. It’s this question that needs to be asked when we are creeping to that man’s house. Seriously, ladies. It’s time we start asking this question. But in a loving, I want nothing but God’s best for you type of way.

So, are you ready to get started, girlfriend? I am! Today’s Girl, WHY? comes from Fort Worth, Texas.

I’m dating a guy who stole my car from work, and would not answer his phone when I called. He eventually picked me up late, and on the ride home I spotted a parking ticket in the window. He’d received this ticket at the girl’s house he was visiting. 

All together now… Girl, WHY?

Now, ladies, this is not an opportunity to put down our brothers.  See, the issue is not always with them. It’s the fact that we stay in these toxic relationships because again, we are not willing to deal with the one we see every day in the mirror.

If you can relate to this, evaluate your situation. You are not obligated to stay in toxic relationships. It does not matter how much time you’ve invested. Or even how many kids you have. I stand fully on the Word and the Promises of God. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Trust Him over him.

It’s time to stop settling for the “less than” version of yourself. In life and in love it’s time to make this about you. What I’ve learned is this, in order to live out my purpose (ultimately, not about me) I have to show up in every area of life as my best self. God is not one of less and neither are His daughters (and sons).

What I want to create here is a place where women can come together and share their struggles knowing that they are not alone. Men are invited as well. But I know God is calling me to serve women and Girl, WHY? is the avenue in which my wonderful accountability partner and I have dreamed up to do this. Thank you, AP!

The topics do not have to be centered on relationships with men. We, as women, need to rise to the occasion when it comes to our attitudes towards our sisters as well. But a lot of my own personal struggles were centered on men and I know others can relate. Whatever the struggle, it’s time. It’s time to stop playing small. It’s time to get serious about who are and what you desire. But what you truly want is outside of your comfort zone. And to get there you have to ask…Girl, WHY? The answer to this takes some soul searching and honestly, that’s not always pretty.

If you know your current situation warrants a Girl, WHY?, send it on over to If you know someone who needs to be a part of this community, please invite her to join the CHARMED Alliance. If you would like to share Girl, WHY? with someone who needs it, please share.

Thank you, and I’ll see you on the other side of why!



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